MECODES and Mentor Graphics

Collaboration between CATIA and PADS/Xpedition is based on EDMD standard (*.idx files – XML based) for data exchange. Standard is based on an incremental exchange which means that in each data exchange only changes (not whole design) are being sent, which in other hand ensures that small-sized data is being sent to another collaboration side and in that way speed up the whole process.


Supported Versions

MECODES is supporting following versions for integration between CATIA and PADS/Xpedition:

Software SolutionFrom VersionTo VersionPrerequisites
CATIA V5V5R19V5-6R2018 (latest)CBD (Circuit Board Design) license
CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE – in BETA testing2017xCBR (Printed Circuit Board Designer) role
PADSVX.1VX.2.4 (latest) –
Xpedition7.9.5VX.2.4 (latest) –

In case you are using PADS/Xpedition below version VX.2.3 you need to have „Collaborator“ option to support integration.