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MECODES is a unique suite of MCAD and ECAD collaboration solutions. It introduces a new methodology for multi-domain collaboration in the design process of electromechanical products.

MECODES is a unique suite of MCAD and ECAD collaboration solutions. It introduces a new approach for multi-domain collaboration during the design of electromechanical products. To improve product design, reduce costs and enable a more interdisciplinary innovation MECODES adopts the latest technologies for incremental design model data exchange protocols. The CADCAM Group developed a new MECODES software tool for the integration of the market-leading PLM platform, i.e. the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, with leading tools for the PCB design system, namely, the Mentor Xpedition and PADS, CADENCE Allegro, and Altium Designer. Engineers working with CATIA V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE and the relating ECAD tools may collaborate on a common development model by using native model data, also components, copper trace layers and interconnections in full 3D representation for the entire electro-mechanical product. The abundance of the shared data model enables an inventive development and realistic physical simulations.

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EDMD Protocol


By introducing the ProSTEP iViP EDMD communication protocol implemented in MECODES, engineers will be able to synchronize model data between Mentor Graphics (PADS & Xpedition) also Cadence (Allegro) ECAD systems and Dassault Systèmes MCAD tools (CATIA V5, 3DEXPERIENCE platform). MECODES allows ECAD and MCAD engineers to collaborate, that is, to propose, preview, accept, and counter-propose their ideas from the earliest stages of the PCB design, all without any delays.

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PCB Data


True virtual simulation of electromagnetic behaviour and thermal characteristics of PCBs relies on a full 3D representation of the accurate placement of components, their electrical copper interconnections with related geometric dimensions and insulator material properties. To get the most out of it, not only must the entire data model be utterly obtainable, but also its selective parts. Such functionality is secured by the transference of the nearly full PCB dataset and by its storage within the 3DEXPERIENCE model.

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ECAD < > MCAD Library


One of the central features in the MECODES collaboration environment is the common PCB library management system, which represents the key element in the ECAD/MCAD collaboration. The MECODES common library management system is featured by a component update for users who wish to extend the library with new components or modify the existing ones. The common library additionally stores the transformation matrix which controls the placement of the component in the CATIA V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE model, consequently, reducing the risk of misplacing components on the PCB.

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PCB with Multilayers and
Copper Traces


A challenging task in the preparation of real physical boards is to ensure that the PCBs fit the physical mounting constraints as well as the electrical and thermal requirements. The most important electrical and thermal requirements are checked by virtue of a simulation of real working conditions for the manufactured PCBs. In order to carry out such a realistic simulation it is crucial to transfer the design model and copper traces onto all layers that are to be produced. The MECODES tool allows CAD engineers to exchange a full set of copper traces distributed over all layers on the PCB stack.

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Transaction history


In cases where physical prototypes take months to build, engineers are very careful about deciding upon design options. These challenges may slow down the innovation process as well as the implementation of new ideas. The MECODES transaction history facilitates engineers to gain real insights into the responses of the product to their decisions. The documented transaction history and the associated designed models also allow the “what-if” analysis to be successfully performed as to optimize the required product properties and performance.

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