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Clash analysis

MECODES ensures that all PCBs meets predefined mounting constraints and all distance rules between different kind of electrical and mechanical components.

Because of the miniaturization and the very limited space in products clearance control is one of the most important features. It prevents clashes, reworks and enables higher quality products.

MECODES allows defining space and distance rules between:

  • two ordinary components
  • two electronic components of the same kind or different types
  • any electronic components and any mechanical component and all of them with the housing

A challenging task in mounting real physical boards with the mechanical housing is to ensure that the PCBs fits the mounting constraints as well as the electrical and thermal requirements. Important electrical and thermal requirements are verified by the simulation composed mechanical and equipped PCB(s). It is essential to transfer the copper in all layers to receive realistic simulation results. The MECODES allows designers to implement in the integrated model all vias filled with copper in addition to the copper traces on the different layers of the PCB stack.

Picture: Visualization of distance control between a capacitor and a connector based on predefined rules

Clash Analysis allows ECAD and MCAD engineers to collaborate and avoid mechanical collisions when placing components in a product design. The feature includes proposal reviews, import/export capabilities, and the ability to create cutouts to avoid collisions.


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