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MECODES with CATIA V5 and Cadence Allegro

ECAD engineer adds a capacitor inside a place keepout. This change needs to be validated by MCAD engineer, so a proposal is sent.

MCAD engineer imports a proposal from Allegro and chooses to be informed if any clashes with other parts is found by MECODES. An issue was found. Imported capacitor is colliding with camera module board. Instead of instantly refusing this proposal, MCAD engineer can delay a response to find an alternative solution. After inspecting the PCBs, MCAD engineer decides to propose a change on another PCB. After modifying a board outline on the other PCB, a collision is gone. A proposal is sent to ECAD engineer. After reviewing the proposal, ECAD engineer finds this to be an optimal solution, therefore he accepts the proposal. MCAD engineer is now aware that solution is acceptable.

Finally, he can send the response for the original proposal. MECODES didn’t detect any collisions this time. It is safe to accept the proposal. Once a response is imported to Allegro, the projects are synchronized once again.

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Collaboration on PCB Design - MECODES with CATIA V5 and Cadence Allegro
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Feel free to ask us any question to make sure that MECODES is the right solution for you.

You want seamless ECAD and MCAD workflow and incremental collaboration capabilities?
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