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MECODES Configurations

Standard and Advanced packages for your needs, both come with essential server components and client tools, implementation services and training for the end-user.
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MECODES Standard


The Standard configuration is an essential configuration which brings together collaboration solution with implementation services and end-user training.

Since every collaboration depends on a successful and right-on-time communication, the MECODES collaboration environment includes a very important messaging functionality integrated into MECODES EDMD Client tools. Besides that, to use a full potential of the MECODES environment, it is important to implement initial staff training and to adopt the available functionalities.


Standard configuration brings:

  • MECODES EDMD collaboration based on IDX protocol for bidirectional ECAD/MCAD communication
  • MultiCAD and MultiPCB simultaneous collaboration with ECAD software
  • Transfer of copper traces into the CATIA V5 or CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Integration of mechatronic BOM into the CATIA V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Common Collaboration Library with 3D MCAD model and ECAD footprint
  • EDMD collaboration tracking history
  • User training – three days of end-user training for MECODES usage and for the administration of the Common Collaboration Library
  • Implementation support – two days of end-user implementation support and the adoption of the MECODES process

Also included:

  • License server that supports MECODES EDMD Client floating license usage
  • Database server – an open source database (available only for CATIA V5)
  • Version Control – an open source version control (available only for CATIA V5)

MECODES Advanced


Modern and well established PLM systems define various processes with specific requirements and well established protocols. For the benefit of integrating anything new into such environments, it is often necessary to customize new solutions to the points when they can be integrated smoothly. That part of establishing collaborative environments within existing PLM systems is covered by the MECODES Advanced configuration.

Advanced configuration brings:

  • Complete MECODES Standard configuration
  • Essential server components and client tools which allow the work in a collaborative environment
  • PLM integration consultancy – one day of consultancy support for integration of the MECODES within end-user existing systems
  • Software customization – three days of MECODES software customization for integration of the MECODES data model with end-user systems. Software customization includes script preparations for specific customer needs.

MECODES packages comparison

Database server Open source database (server) is used to store models, exchange data and common library
License server License control system which is supporting floating license usage
Common collaboration library Library with more than 3000 3D component models
MECODES EDMD Client license Single client floating license which allows connection to MECODES from CATIA V5 or CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE
User training Three days end-user training for MECODES usage
Implementation support Two days implementation support for MECODES process adoption
Integration consultancy One day of consultancy for integration of MECODES in existing IT environment
Software adaptation services Three days of software adaptation for integration of MECODES data in existing system landscape (software customization or script preparation)

MECODES compatibility with other programs

Software Software version Prerequisites
CATIA V5 R25 - R33 CBD (Circuit Board Design) license
CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE R2021X - R2023X CBR (Printed Circuit Board Designer) role
Siemens EDA PADS VX 2.1 - VX 2.13 none
Siemens EDA PADS Professional VX 2.1 - VX 2.13 none
Siemens EDA Xpedition VX 2.1 - VX 2.13 none
Cadence Allegro, OrCAD 17.4 - 22.1 none
Altium Designer 19 - 23 none

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