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The only solution for collaboration of CATIA with ECAD software

See how MECODES works
Challenge #1

Collaboration between ECAD and MCAD design

MECODES enables collaboration, communication and information sharing between ECAD/MCAD design domains for electromechanical product development using the new EDMD protocol (IDX).

Challenge #2

Keep everybody on the same page

MECODES unifies electromechanical product development workflows and incremental design changes with ECAD tools from Siemens EDA, Cadence or Altium and MCAD tools from Dassault Systèmes: CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE.

Challenge #3

Drive efficiency, increase quality and time to market

MECODES improves efficiency, innovation and time to market by simplifying engineering change processes, last-minute design changes and repurposing designs to a whole new project.

Why should you use MECODES?

MECODES is the only solution that allows collaboration of CATIA V5 and 3D EXPERIENCE with ECAD solutions from Siemens EDA, Cadence and Altium. As a provider of innovative electromechanical design technologies and systems integration services, we combine the best software solutions with our advisory expertise and proven methodologies to achieve better business results.

3D visualization
3D visualization of the finished design quickly and clearly shows how all electrical and mechanical components physically interact
Integrated ECAD/MCAD approach
The beauty of this integrated ECAD/MCAD approach is that errors can be detected, designs adjusted, and the results validated in minutes
ECAD/MCAD virtual environment
By combining the results from ECAD/MCAD, designers can assemble the electronic and mechanical parts in a virtual environment and check that they fit together.
MCAD and ECAD collaboration for an integrated electromechanical product design

Unifying the different worlds of MCAD and ECAD for an integrated
electromechanical product design

Want to improve your mechatronic design workflow from piecemeal to solid compound? We can help!

We worked with our customers to specify their needs and desires and accordingly developed the software MECODES for combining separate CAD systems from Dassault Systèmes, Siemens EDA (former Mentor Graphics), Cadence and Altium.


person on laptop working with mecodes

The different CAD systems for mechanical design and electronic design are integrated and combined with MECODES

The level of integration ranges from the exchange of components to complete versions of product models of significant size and complexity. As a result of the integration, these multiple CAD tools are able to share data and models.


Feel free to request live demonstration.

Schedule a live customized demo with our expert team and see MECODES in action. Get answers to your questions and discover how MECODES can help simplify work, keep your team informed and aligned and eliminate unnecessary delays, track last-minute changes and modifications, drive higher team engagement, simplify work, and get more done.


Sounds amazing! Still not sure MECODES is for you?


MECODES is developed by CADCAM Group – the leading Solution Provider in South-East Europe for over 30 years. As a company that is dedicated to customer’s digital development workflow it will guarantee improvement of product design process – both in physical and digital world. That also means that CADCAM`s experts will be available to answer any clients` wants and needs regarding MECODES and improving electromechanical product development.